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De Dietrich Process Systems Hungary Kft. represents the De Dietrich Process System in Central and Eastern Europe region, which has 33 dedicated employees.
Our site consists a 300m2 office, a 400m2 workshop and a 600m2 central warehouse.

De Dietrich Process Systems is the globally leading provider of process equipment, engineered systems and process solutions for the fine chemical, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

But we are also capable to design whole systems while keeping an eye on the customers’ requests
by finding and providing solutions suited to such unique needs.

Our more than 330 years of history is a guarantee of quality and expertise.


Competence centers of DDPS


De Dietrich S.A.S.

The whole range of De Dietrich® glass-lined equipment have been designed to fulfill the requirements of all the steps
of chemical syntheses from laboratories and pilot units up to large production scale.


                Glass-lined reactors, Columns, Distillation and extraction columns, Valves        

De Dietrich Process Sytems GMBH

De Dietrich Process Systems is a worldwide leading supplier for corrosion-resistant Borosilicate glass equipment and plants
for thermal separation processes - from basic engineering through to commissioning.

These products are pressure-, temperature-, corrosion- and vacuum-resistant.

De Dietrich Process Systems AG

Rosenmund® is a global leading brand in the area of mechanical solid/liquid-separation and drying, according to cGMP and FDA guidelines